About Us

Prior to the foundation of our company, our managing director has been in charge of the joint representation of condominiums since 1998. Thanks to his long decade of experience, he has been able to build an extremely wide network of contacts with the local government and city management, with official bodies and institutions as well as with local businesses.

Tiszaber – Bau Service Kft. is a privately held family business. We are proud of the fact that many of the buildings are in our operation since the foundation of the company. For us, this feedback is a proof that we are doing our job properly in terms of both quality and price in line with market expectations and challenges.

There are currently 43 condominiums in our company, which includes 1124 sub-units.

Our own office is located in Szolnok, Ispán Krt. 7.

In the panel program of 2008, we have successfully tendered 4 condominiums, whose investments have now been completed so that the residents enjoy the benefits of the investment. We are currently working on 5 full or partial renovations and we have one condominium where an investment is taking place in the framework of panel program, in order to provide a more pleasant and more enjoyable living space for the residents.

The operation of the condominiums is carried out on the basis of the law, and we hold a general assembly on 31st of May each year, where we report -in a written or verbal form, or a presentation in the office – the management of the condominium regarding the previous year, and we also show the current financial management plan.

With the prospect of the future, we explore the possibilities of everyday life in order to ensure that the condominium can operate more efficiently and economically. The representation of owners of condominiums and the supply of operational works soon meet the need for professional joint representation and operation.

Property management is a comprehensive technical work. Ownership representation, tax payment, renovation fund management, insurance contracts, housing savings contract, troubleshooting, accounting, drafting and enforcement of statutory regulations. Calling out residuary owners, initiating payment orders, and start of the implementing, and a number of issues appear during your daily work.

The accounting of the condominiums is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Accounting Act and the Law of the Condominium Act, and made with PROFI MULTIHÁZ – Web and Windows based platform independent software. Most of our condominiums do not have a home bank, but if there is a claim from the owners, we will of course also undertake the management of the cash.

Everything is carried out by bank transfer in order to the cost-effectiveness and transparency of the exact statements.

After the closure of the year, we prepare the condominium’s simplified balance sheet account and tax declarations with the help of a statutory accountant and a registered statutory auditor with whom we are contracted.

Our enterprise has a sufficient number of staff and technical background to perform the operational tasks, so we investigate, resolve and execute the technical faults in the condominium, if necessary with the involvement of a technical inspector.

The preparation and implementation of the renovation works are carried out by a General Assembly resolution. We request at least 3 quotations, and then the completed works are carried out in accordance with the accepted price quotation.

If possible, we undertake the preparation of state and municipal tenders concerning the renovation of the condominium.

Errors in the joint premises of the building can be reported personally in the office or by telephone or email in working hours from 8 to 16.

After working hours and on weekends and holidays, we provide technical assistance in order to solve the technical failures in the shortest possible time.

Troubleshooting is done with entrepreneurs (sub-contractors), and the settlement is done by transfer upon receipt of invoice on the basis of the work.

The owners pay a common cost to the account of the condominium or to a check issued by the condominium. Collective expenses arrears are continually recovered, legal proceedings can be provided for litigation. Our company is connected with Dr. Ferenc Belukács and Attila Tiborcz Attila lawyers for many years.

Our references:


  • Szolnok Boldog Sándor István krt. 14-16.
  • Szolnok Boldog Sándor István krt. 37-41.
  • Szolnok Boldog Sándor István krt. 43-47.
  • Szolnok Csóka u. 15.
  • Szolnok Csokonai út 82
  • Szolnok Csokonai út 38
  • Szolnok Dózsa Gy. u. 13
  • Szolnok Fiumei u. 22-22/a.
  • Szolnok Gárdonyi u. 18.
  • Szolnok Gyökér utca 14.
  • Szolnok Gyökér utca 20.
  • Szolnok Indóház u. 1.
  • Szolnok Kazinczy utca 2.
  • Szolnok Kisfaludy u. 11.
  • Szolnok Konstantin u. 5.
  • Szolnok Konstantin u. 28.
  • Szolnok Konstantin u. 39.
  • Szolnok Konstantin u. 44.
  • Szolnok Kulcs út 2-4
  • Szolnok Városmajor 30.
  • Szolnok Mária út 26.
  • Szolnok Mártírok utca 27.-29.
  • Szolnok Mátyás király u. 9.-13.
  • Szolnok Mindszenty Bíbor J. u. 8.
  • Szolnok Puskás Tivadar krt. 2-4-6.
  • Szolnok Rákóczi u. 13.
  • Szolnok Rákóczi u. 50.
  • Szolnok Rákóczi u. 56.
  • Szolnok Rákóczi u. 60.
  • Szolnok Sajtó u. 27.
  • Szolnok Sajtó u. 2.
  • Szolnok Sajtó u. 9.
  • Szolnok Sarló u. 22-22/A.
  • Szolnok Szapáry u. 26.
  • Szolnok Szapáry u. 28.
  • Szolnok Széchenyi krt. 131.
  • Szolnok Széchenyi krt. 135.
  • Szolnok Táncsics M. u. 3.
  • Szolnok Tófenék u. 7.
  • Szolnok Tószegi u. 43.
  • Szolnok Vasvári P. u. 2-4-6.
  • Papírgyári Lakópark Vágóhíd utca 29.
  • Szolnok „Y” Mátyás Király utca 2.- 4.
  • Szolnok Jubileum tér 6.

Our offer

Our goals include developing and capturing opportunities, so that we can provide more comfort and better living conditions for the owners.

In the hope of a joint cooperation!

Olivér Béla Papp


Executive manager

 +36 30 428 0808